Friday, August 30, 2013

Happiness is...(week 34)

Well I'm a little late but here is my Happiness Is post.
Pretty girl child.

Milk sharing. #feedallthebabies #hm4hb #pumpedwithlove

Tandem babywearing

Salad bar night!

Homemade granola bars via this recipe

Little boy being such a boy. Drinks & football. #normaltermbreastfeeding

And like every other week I'm linking with Lisa of Crazy Adventures of Parenting, who totally rocks, even on a crappy Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 33)

 Turquoise hair!!!! I love it. I feel like a mermaid.
 New shoes. My hubby's too big flip-flops were not cutting it anymore.
 My baby started 1st grade! <--this actually="" amazing="" because="" br="" but="" day="" during="" grown.="" her="" how="" i="" is="" it="" me="" miss="" quickly="" really="" s="" sad="" she="" the="" to="">

The first ripe figs of the year. One was a monster!
And like every other week, I'm linking up with Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happiness is...(week 32)

He has learned the "cheese" face. And I love it. I asking him to do it even when I don't have a camera.
 Realizing my baby who is so big now has been wearing the same jammies for a year. Maybe he's not so big after all.
 Trying out a new carry and loving it even though I messed it up. Also, rainbow bewbies!

Crepes! I use to make them all the time when #2 was a baby.
Thanks to Girl. Inspired. I'll be making them again. Often.

And as always I'm linking up at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. Her egg white omelet looks pretty yum!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 31)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I'm so happy that W & I have made it 16 months and 4 weeks so far. I really hope that we will be participating in WBW again next year.
W can finally sit in the wagon for a walk! He no longer tries to bail while we are moving.
Happiness is my rough and tumble Rocky baby napping again! After a month with only 7 naps, we've had 3 nap days in a row.
Babywearing on the fly. I forgot a wrap but my grandma had a twin size flannel sheet in the trunk and Costco shopping was a breeze.

 As always I'm linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting.


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