Monday, February 14, 2011

A romantic lunch. MTM style.

We've had some sick people in our family lately so I'm a little more run down than normal. My elaborate MTM plans went out the window but I think I scraped together something pretty good. Not that my kids ate anything but the candy but whatever I'm too tired to really care.

Hello Kitty banana slices, Reese's peanut butter heart,  Strawberry yogurt w/ heart sprinkles, sausage and mushroom pizza hearts & strawberry milk.

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LWP- Giveway

 HUGE giveaway. at Laura Winslow photography (link below) one winner $2600 worth of prizes from 61 different shops.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm feeling crafty today. I already put another coat of paint on Miss Mina's bed. The one I've been working on since Christmas. Yeah, I swear I'm going to finish it really soon. While I'm waiting for the paint to dry I think I'm going to start the girls pinafore dresses. I just need to find my scissors. I hid them a few days ago because a little someone was RUNNING through the house with them.

Fabric for the dresses

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pinafore birthday presents

Have I ever mentioned I love Etsy? Well I do. I recently stumbled across Aliyah's Hope Chest & fell in love with the pinafore top. I didn't have an excuse to purchase the pattern at first, and then Mina's friend invited us to her birthday party. Since she already has a plethora of toys I then had an excuse to buy the pattern. Yay! I decided to lengthen it so she'd have something cute and quick to throw on over her leotard after gymnastics or dance.
I loved it so much (& it was so quick and easy) I decided to make another for another little birthday girl.

This one I made the standard top size for. I have a super cute little iron on patch to put on some black stretch pants, so little R will get a cutie patootie outfit. (I just finished and delivered her new baby sister's burpies and quilt yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics. I guess I was too excited to see that tiney tiny sweet new baby that it slipped my mind.)

I love sewing gifts. For some reason my kids don't enjoy the stuff I make as much as other do.

I finally finished my book wreath!

I love it! It took a while but it was definitely worth the time and singed fingertips.


 Here are the ones that inspired me. Both sites have good tutorials.

Lindsay's of Living with Lindsay
Katie's of Cowboy Phraseology

Finally another MTM post!

This week's theme was favorites. I made MY childhood favorites but fancier. ^-^

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie (recipe here), ranch dip & carrots, chicken rice soup and grilled cheese and Hello Kitty shaped cheddar cheese.

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