Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mango baby

Caet had mango for the first time today. I bought what I thought was strawberry papaya but oh well. Caeti enjoyed it a lot. Mina was making fun of Caet's messy face. Until I showed her a picture of herself than she said, "I'm a messy face too. HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Epic.

MTM no theme

No theme is the perfect theme to get back into MTM. I actually had no idea if there was a theme or not so I totally lucked out.
She got 2 strawberries, watermelon, ranch and carrots, & a grilled cheese and salami sandwich on a bagelthin.
She ate 3/4 of the sandwich, all the watermelon & carrot and 1 strawberry. Victory.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pics and stuff

eating little mermaid's tail my goof's in front of daddy's work

Earth day "love me, love my world" shirt & a balloon Earth

i'm finally posting my MTM from last week. it was leftovers rock
we had cucumber slices, pudding from a lady at daddy's work
potatoes & corn
tamale & chicken noodle soup

I am a terrible updater. and i super sad cause updating is part of my resolutions. basically i fail. at life.

that being said, i do have an excuse for this weekend. the week not so much. but this weekend i started my new job. and by 'new job' i mean a different job at the same place i used to work at. three years ago. (i've been unemployed for a long time.) anyways, i'm the new weekend call center girl. or i will be once i'm trained. and their are two really awesome things about my job. one, it's only on the weekends which means i don't need a babysitter cause Daddy's home! and two, my boss is awesome and we shop and hang out and eat delish food together. (she totally hooked me up with this position but i nailed the interview all by myself. boo ya.) so yeah if you call Gilroy Gardens
on a weekend you just might get to talk to me. lucky ducky.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day my family is going super green today. We are attempting to throw nothing away. I'm not going to lie we've already failed. I had to throw away 2 diapers and some tissues. But now the baby is in cloth diapers. I'm crazy I know. Hopefully she won't poop today. We are getting ready to watch Wall-E and then we'll go for a "nature" walk. Not much nature around our apartments. Just lots of acorns.
Is anyone else celebrating?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wendiwinn's killer giveaway

i wanna win! so this is my extra entry. here's the link. But don't enter the contest people! cause that would lessen my chance of winning. =] just go read her blog. every post. cause she's hilarious.

Monday, April 12, 2010

craziness bubbling over like a bad science experiment

tonight makes me happy and sad. why? cause cynthia left. my sil and favorite running buddy ever. she's inspired me to keep running and to go farther. that was the sad part. the happy part is she left me a junk load of raunchy awesome music. i'm totally rockin' right now. anywho, in the famous words of gir, "i need them or i will explode. that happens to me sometimes."
Yeah no connection right. i just wanted to say it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sushi is best eaten with your loving family. & TONS of wasabi.

Lunch Saturday was amazing. Almost all my hubby's siblings when out to Hanami with us. His dad, his brother in Gilroy, his sister from DC, her hubby and baby, the sis from Boston, the sister in Gilroy, her BF and their son and my family of four.
I think some people might still be full. We (and I mean my hubby) went a little crazy. Our poor server was like "two more and then that's everything....(bringing out two rolls) Oh no I forget about rainbow roll, jalapeno roll and ahi. Three more and then that's all...(brings out four trays.) Now that's all really." Don't worry we tipped well. I think we ended up with 30 orders. They probably ran out of fish filling our order. Possibly rice too. And my DC BIL had a ton of wasabi on his plate so they are probably running low on that too. But let me tell you in was amazing. I'm drooling on the key board just remembering it. Here's a pic so you can drool too.


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