Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it time yet?

I don't think I can take being pregnant much longer. Today was a day I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Flu like symptoms for me, the defiant 2 year old is extra defiant, a headache that makes it hard to remember my own name, the husband and his lack of compassion. The worst part is I just had a long conversation with him last night about how I need a little extra help getting everything ready for Baby because I feel crappy and stressed! Which he interpreted as "lay on the couch on watch 4 episodes of Breaking Bad." I had to nag him to brush the girls' teeth. When he finally did, we discovered Caeti has a cavity on the front of her left incisor. Then I have to nag him to find the dental plan card so I can make an appointment to get it taken care of, we fight over whether she needs to go to a pediatric dentist or if the dentist we use to go is good enough. I give up and call the regular dentist. I must nag him to pause his stupid show to go read to the girls like he promised. Okay I'm done venting.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Pool Time!

Click my belly to guess Baby's birthday, birth time, weight & gender.
Winner gets bragging rights.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vaseline is Nasty.

I seriously hate that stuff.
A while back I was on Pinterest and came across a pin on how to make your own natural version.
So of course I did it. Luckily my grandma has a friend who's a beekeeper so I didn't have to hunt around for beeswax, just make a quick call to my grandma.
 My non-petroleum jelly looks a little different but it works amazing. I have REALLY bad eczema on my hands and I use to put Vaseline on them but it always makes me feel greasy and gross. This stuff mostly absorbs into my skin and leaves them soft and smelling mildly of honey. I totally recommend it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For My Mina Ballerina

Another black hole project has been completed! I absolutely love how this dress turned out. I started it back in March of last year but then my serger & I got in a fight during the project. We have a love/hate relationship.

 I was a little worried it wouldn't fit after all this time but it's perfect. I was inspired by Stef of Girl. Inspired.'s Pretty in Pink knot dress. The blue ballerina fabric is from a fat quarter bundle Mina found at Jo-Ann's back in February of 2011 and begged for and the skirt is white Kona cotton.
This is my favorite shot from our little photo shoot.
 This dress is perfect for spinning and dancing. I love the way it fans out while my little ballerina twirls.
 She insisted I take a picture of her LPS baby penguin. She loves that little thing so much it's crazy. The only problem is it's so small it gets lost ALL the time. I'm working on a little post of my solution to this problem and hope to be ready to share it in a few days.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Wet Bag

Hooray! I can check another project off my Black Hole List! I finally finished this little dino wet bag. I love the fabric. This was the scrap from the Dino Dress I made for my Boo-Boo a back in May of 2011.

 It had been a little while since I had sewn a zipper and it took me a couple of minutes of re-pinning and adjusting for me to remember.

 Baby's room & cloth diaper collection are coming along.
Wet bags, All-In-Ones (Sunbaby Diapers) & extra inserts.
Thirsties covers, Snappis & lots of prefolds.
And on a side note, my new duvet cover came! I totally love it. It's from Anthropologie's Cirrus collection but I scored this baby off Ebay for less.


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