Saturday, February 27, 2010

Growing a garden

Thursday 2/25
So this year I decided I'm going to have my own garden. Granted it will be a very small garden and grown in pots but it will be mine. And it won't really be grown in pots so much as cheap plastic baskets from the dollar store.
Pouring zinnia seed on to the water paper towel.
Posing with our seeds.

They're growing!!!! Look!!! See!!!!
I am so excited. We are going to transfer the radishes in to a cardboard egg carton today so when they're big enough I'll just have to cut little section off & stick it in the dirt.
Radish up close and personal

All but 1 of the radishes have sprouted. Check out those babies.

1 lonely little bunching onion. Come other seeds, he needs some friends!



Yep, I'm lucky. My kids can and will sleep anywhere.
Mina sleeping under Caet's crib. Does this make it a bunk bed?
Caet passed out on the living room floor. Playing, playing, sleeping.
10 minutes before she passed out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's late and I am uninhibated. Consider this your warning.

My old undies fit! And by old undies I mean a tiny piece of dental floss and lace I used to wear in high school, which was only 4 years ago but after popping out two kids that's a long time. Anyways, I have been holding on to them hoping and dreaming, while stuffing my face with all sorts of decadent chocolate-y foods, that I would one day be able to squeeze my big old Mama butt in to them again. Long story short, I did it! But why do they look so sad? Wait they look exactly the same. Oh yeah it my butt that's depressed (or is it depressing?). It is not the same shape (or consistency, i.e. cottage cheese) anymore. Blah. Screw you Heidi Klum, you are a freak of nature. Like snow in July. In California.
So does anyone know of some magical secret to restore my tushy's teenage tightness? Anyone at all?
I have aproximatly 3.5 minutes a day to myself. Most of that is spent in the bathroom. I'm just saying. So the gym is kinda out of the question. I do walk and jog several times a week. And by several I mean about four time, averaging around 7 miles total.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Orange you glad it's MTM?

I am completely sure that I will be the only one with that oh so witty title. Not.
I'm just glad it's Monday! I was amazed how well lunch came together considering the fact that I did prepare for this one at all. I meant to go to the grocery store. Really I did. Okay maybe I didn't since I hate shopping with my kids. Why do the make everything take 6 times longer than it needs to?
Carrots, tomato veggie straws & doritos, dried mangos
Peaches, peanut and pumpkin butter airplane and heart sandwiches, pumpkin muffin
and oj (the drink, not the convict sports star)
All served on a one of a kind orange construction paper placemat.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth
Thanks for all the comments last week, they make my day.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I did not want to get out of bed today, but I'm so glad I finally did. I feel amazing today. I think it's do mostly to the reinstatement of the nightly run. I didn't really miss it the first two nights but the rest of the week I was craving it. (We had been spending every day in Gilroy since Aunt Renee and Uncle Dale were visiting. )So anyways my legs were so sore when I first got out of bed. Now they feel good but different.
We tried a new breakfast experiment, peanut butter and jelly stuffed french toast as requested by Mina. Since I am the self declared Queen of Breakfast it was a success. I honestly was skeptical but they were pretty tasty. So we have a kind of lazy day planned. A walk to the bank, a shopping trip to Target (pronounce it Tar-shay it sounds fancier that way, and there for more exciting), then we are heading to Gilroy so Mina can play with my cousin and we can hopefully soak in the hot tub, last but not least we'll mosey on over to the in-laws for some gardening, wine drinking and baby smooching by the Nana.
The Caet update
This baby is almost mobile. Scary.
She loves to scoot around the living room and eat the vacuum cord.
Yeah I'm a terrible mom for leaving it out where she can get it but at least I vacuum!
She is also fascinated by wheels. Apparently they are very tasty.
The Dora era is almost over. The time of the mermaid is beginning.
Oh and anime. Mina is a big fan of all of Hayao Miyazaki's work. (Well maybe not Princess Mononoke but that one is a little bloody.)
She is also very opinionated lately. And bossy.
I am going to tape her hands to her sides if she steals anymore of Caet's toys.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little miss almost crawling

So Caeti is bound and determined to crawl before Mina did. And she finally earned her own nickname this morning. Turtle, because she looks like a turtle when she tries to crawl.

Monday, February 15, 2010

MTM, the Red edition

First off let me apologize for not commenting on anyone else's MTM last week.
I was off in lala land. But now I'm back!

Hoorah for President's Day! My hubby has the day off work which means we get to sleep in! And the greatest thing about sleeping in besides the extra rest? BREAKFAST! Okay so I am definitely a breakfast person. I love pancakes, waffles, crepes, sausage and bacon. Problem is I am not what you call a morning person. So at 7 am pouring milk over cereal is even a chore for me. So here is my very first breakfast MTM.Top to bottom, left to right
Heart shaped pink cranberry pecan pancakes
Strawberries, Crasins
red apple wedges and red grapes
& the drink is V8 fusion Cranberry Blackberry juice
Excited for her special "red heart" breakfast
Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random pictures taken of the girls recently

Playing with play food
I want this Santa lantern
The couch-fa (that's couch and sofa combined) ate me!
Caeti can drive my car!
Bouncing at the jumphouse place with Dad

Thanks Grovers!

Lookie! My big girl shirt fits!

Yes, that's Daddy passed out in the corner of the picture.

Muffin Tin... Tuesday

I'm late. Ugh. I've had a crazy week and it's only half over. I'm so not used to Tim going back to school.

This week there was no theme, which worked out well because I forgot. So we did a super special decorate-your-own-brownie muffin tin snack.Brownie, peanut butter, marshmallows, heart sprinkles & cranberries.

The finished product. Notice that there are no marshmallows? She ate them all before I could get a spreader for the peanut butter. In fact I'm lucky I got a pic of them at all.
Decorating her brownie. She was so excited.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shadow boxes

I've been working on the girls' shadow boxes for a while. Mina's is done but Caet's still needs some work.
They might need some windex. Mina loved pointing at them before the were hung up. Hence all the little fingerprints.

Dinner is served

Mina was a super helper with dinner tonight. Pasta and meatballs, broccoli and biscuits.
She choose the main course and side dishes. Of course she said she only wanted biscuits at first.
And dinner was super easy. I just threw everything for the meatballs into my super duper awesome food processor (Thanks Mommy!) even some broccoli slaw. And then Mina rolled them into logs. She hasn't gotten the balls down yet. There's a video too but I'm too lazy to wait for it to upload, maybe tomorrow.Here she is rolling meatballs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caeti 4 months old

okay so I'm a few days behind.
Caet was 4 months old on Friday.
She is such a smart little cutie patootie.
She rolls over front to back & back to front.
-scoots backwards all over the house.
-enjoys biting everything.
-tries to pick up little itty bitty crumbs form the carpet.
-likes to "attack" sissy.
-just started on rice cereal and will suck it down if she's in the mood.
-sits when supported.
-pushes up on her toes and hands. (oh no she'll be crawling soon!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dr. Suess MTM

Drink- Pink Ink (milk, actually it was soy milk cause we ran out of regular milk, oops.)
Top- Colorful veggies and baby trees (broccoli, carrots and bell peppers.) Green eggs. And multi-colored goldfish.
Bottom- Dr. Suess' silly pasta. Left foot & right foot pb&j sandwiches.

Hooray for MTM! Am I lame because I am as easily as excited as my 2 year old?
Anyways, as I was planning lunch this morning I realized, oh crap I never made it too the store to get the multi-colored goldfish crackers. But that's okay, I'll just walk up to Wal-Mart and get some. Ummm, where's the stroller? Still in the back of the car, which my hubby took to work today. Great. Okay so I throw on the Mobywrap and tell Mina she's walking. We made it half way before she was too tired. Sure I'll give you a piggy back ride. Blah. Oh and then I had to carry her all the way home too. All for some goldfish crackers.
Trying to wink like a Yink while drinking pink ink.


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