Monday, August 24, 2009

We are busy bees!

We had a great weekend. Saturday for breakfast, I made french toast and Tim made eggs. Then we went to Bonfante Gardens. We all had a really good time. Especially Mina! (Of course.) We rode the carousel, Apple and Worm, the 50s cars, panoramic wheel, the train, the little fire engines and Tubs of Fun. Mina totally crashed in the car on the way to Maria's. Unfortunately she woke up when we got there. I guess a 30 minute nap is better than no nap at all. On Sunday morning Tim and I went through our bedroom and hall closets gathering things for a garage sale next Saturday. There was a box of stuff that hadn't been unpacked from when we moved in 2 years ago! It was like all my stuff. I obviously wasn't missing it since I had no idea it was there. But now our closet is all neat and clean. I have a whole new corner for storage! While I was going through the closet Mina found our old baby carrier and decided she needed to wear it. Once I got it on her she marched up to my tummy and yelled, "Baby sister come out! I carry you now!" I found here a dolly to carry around instead.
Tonight I made the most awesome pizza ever. Double-decker chicken bacon. OMG. It was so good. Mina actually helped make it! Normally she just gets in the way, makes a mess & gets in trouble. She held the mixer all by herself. Which left me free to get the bacon in the pan and season the chicken. Then daddy took her out to the playground while the dough was rising. I guess they had fun until Mina ran in front of the swings and got kicked in the face. Opps. She's okay. Just a little red around her nose where she face planted in the tanbark. But decorating pizza with mom made her forget all about it.
I also ordered a new duvet cover. I'm super psyched about it. 300Tc Egyptian cotton. It's a blue damask stripe CAL KING! The cover we have on our duvet now is too small. So it will be nice to have one that fits! We'll end up with like 6 more inches of blanket. Mina was helping me while I was ordering it. Aka coloring so she wasn't in the way. =]

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mina reads for you & some new pics

Mina is just turning into such a smart little booger. She loves to read herself books now. All of the stories start with "Once upon a time." It's really cute. I took this video of her yesterday right before naptime. She did a much better job with the story before I got the camera.

34 weeks & 2 days. Mina brought me a red clown nose to wear for the pic. It really makes the huge zit on my chin less noticeable. =]
Looking for green pine cones at Sakata yesterday. I love that yellow dress.
Uncle Matthew playing with Mina 8/8/09
That's her swimsuit. Doesn't she look like a scuba diver?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dr. Appt. Yesterday

I only gained 1 lb.
I celebrated by eating some peach cobbler. =]
Cate is head down and still moving well.
She kicked the dr while she was checking her heartbeat and then tried to run away.
The dr laughed and said that was a good sign.
So everything is looking good.

Only 7 more weeks until this little booger is due!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Morning Granola Bar

Yeah, nothing says Good Morning quite like a melted chocolate chip granola bar in your bed.

Anyways, I have a doctor appointment today. Hopefully I didn't gain too much weight. Blah. Maria is going to go with me to watch Mina. I think. I haven't heard from her yet this morning.
I should probably call her in a few and see what up.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 year doctor appt. and a very clean house

Tim's feeling a little bit better. He worked another half day today. He spent almost the whole time in a meeting where he gave a presentation. I'm so proud. =] And now he is getting a temp to help him out. So hopefully the temp will really like the job and will learn it quickly. Then come next summer Tim could take the fieldman/production area manager position in the San Joaquin valley. Which is what we really want to happen!

On to the fun stuff, Mina had her 2-year doctor appt. It went well. Mina is tall & thin & very advanced. Mina's new doctor is very nice and super impressed with how smart Mina is and how well she is doing with potty training. Mina didn't get any shots today but she did have to have blood drawn. =[ She was pretty good. Tim took her to do it. I went back and helped get her settled. (Mommy bough special Dora band-aids so we gave one to the lady who drew her blood.) But I can't watch! So I waited in the waiting room until I heard "You're all done!" She cried & said it "tickled" which she says when she doesn't know the right word to use to describe how she's feeling. =[ & she thanked the lady that drew her blood! It was sweet & sad. I told her she was very brave just like Dora to which she replied Yeah. And she got a Tinkerbell sticker. Then on the way out (she was still kind of half sobbing) she saw a snack cart and said she wanted something to drink. So we got a strawberry smoothie. And that fixed everything.

So I guess I'm kinda nesting. I cleaned the living room & kitchen like super duper clean. Mina & I picked up all of her toys, I vacuumed (I even did under the sofa). I did dishes, Tim swept the kitchen floor, I swept & mopped the kitchen & bathroom, cleaned the toilet, did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the splatters off the kitchen walls & ceiling, cleaned the fridge, wiped under Mina's booster (which was really gross!) & organized the hall closet.

And I made Italian sausage sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob and salad for dinner. Okay I confess, Mina made the salad. She took the stems off 8 cherry tomatoes and put them in the salad bowl and then ate them all out! We ended up with only 1 tomato in our salad. Oh well. I only like lettuce anyways. =]

Helping make salad at Nana's yesterday. Notice all the tomatoes in the bowl? =]
So here's a slightly different bump pic than normal. I was doing crunches on an exercise ball. I know I look all fun in the pic but I'm a super-mom, not a super-model.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tim's back

is still messed up. He went to work today but is only working 5 hours. Mina is not making life any easier for us right now. She is establishing her independence, in the most vocal way possible. But she has stopped hitting me, for the most part. Daddy is fair game though. We are working on it.
Tomorrow is Mina's 2 year check up. That should be loads of fun. I have only taken her to get her shots once. Normally Tim does it. But since he's crippled I'm pretty sure that it's going to fall on me to hold her down. Expect that adventure to be posted tomorrow night.
So I did get little video of Mina singing The Itsy-Bitsy Spider. It is definitely not the best but she won't sing on video. It's still pretty cute.
Anyways, congrats to the Grovers. I can't wait to see some pix of your new place.
And Cynthia, we will most likely be able to talk Nana into making Mollies when you come visit. She did promise to make you all your favorite foods when you came home. =]

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Big Sister

I give Mina money for doing her "chores." She gets like 20 cents for putting her toys away and helping pick up the living room. Today after she earned her money and deposited it, Tim and I asked her what she was going to buy with her money. You'll never guess what she said.

"A piggy bank.....for baby sister." Awww. And then she goes "My so sweet." Translation- I'm so sweet.

Yesterday at Nana's house Tim and Mina built several impressive block castles. I think Tim might have been having more fun than Mina was.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Awesome peanut butter banana pancakes

So I have kind of started a Saturday tradition. I have made pancakes almost every Saturday for the past 2 months. Mostly blackberry or ollieberry but occasionally just plain whole wheat. Well today I thought peanut butter sounded good. I remembered I got a recipe for whole wheat peanut butter waffles from a magazine a while ago. And I had some very brown bananas so I threw them in the batter. Delish! And since I didn't want the blackberries to go bad so I made some blackberry syrup. I'm going to save that for next weekend. Yum!
Hope everyone else is having an awesome day!


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