Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I spent my day in the kitchen and I want to win!

I want to win the Shanty 2 Chic giveaway. It's for a Silhouette SD.

Today was a long day, I made my pies, and more caramel corn. The car seat cover is done. Pics later, I'm too tired right now. I still didn't bag up the clothes but I will get around to it. Tomorrow we head to my Grandma's place for Thanksgiving. I should probably start packing soon.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiration- Day 2

Here's my little list of things I wanted to accomplish today.

fold & put away laundry [check]
tidy my room [check]
Get too small & out of season clothes boxed up [I added to the pile]
finish Gabriela's Christmas present. [I worked on it but ran out of patience]
start the girls' fall dresses
make turkey cupcakes with the girls [check]

Not bad for Day One.

I also made caramel popcorn. Which is almost gone it is so good. Thank you Stef of Girl. Inspired. for sharing the recipe.

I also went for a walk, went shopping, gave myself a pedicure and the girls manicures, swept my kitchen, stayed on top of the dishes, vacuumed and THREW AWAY ALL THE MATCHLESS SOCKS!

Tomorrow's list is
1. make 2 pumpkin pies
2. separate and bag too small/out of season clothes

1. finish Mina's car seat cover
2.organize spice cabinet

1. finish Gabriela's gift
2. go to the library

Oh my goodness! It's MTM!

This is the first MTM I've done in a looong time. But now that I don't have to work Mondays anymore so we're back in business.

Thanksgiving themed MTM
Cranberries, sweet potato fries, crescent roll
carrots & half a turkey and spinach sandwich.
And this little guy was supposed to be dessert but she didn't earn it until after dinner.
Please disregard the Christmas themed muffin paper. I didn't know I was out of white.

Want to see more super cute muffin tin meals? Click the little button! -->Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

I'm trying to inspire myself.

I suck at chores. And finishing projects. So over the next few days (or weeks) I am going to break down what I need to do, what I'd like to do and what I want to do.

Here's my very first little list. I decided 2 of each category would be a good starting place.

Need to do
1. fold & put away laundry
2. tidy my room

Like to do
1. Get too small & out of season clothes boxed up
2. finish Gabriela's Christmas present.

Want to do
1. start the girls' fall dresses
2. make turkey cupcakes with the girls

So hopefully I can get 4 items done.

Also, these are the delish muffins I made this evening. Sweet potato and cranberry orange.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm feeling festive!

I want to make one of these cuties!

And a couple of these.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ugly Lamp Redo

I have some hideous lamps. They were wedding gifts. We did a low key thing and didn't invite anyone to the ceremony. We just threw a reception a few weeks later. So we didn't do the whole gift registry thing. So I wound up with the these babies.
Ugh. Well the hubby's shade was starting to fall apart. So I decided it was time to redo it. I had a bunch of this fabric left over from a skirt I made. For some reason the pattern package thought I'd need 2 3/4 yards. I used 1 yard. ???? I don't know where I went wrong.

So I started by pulling the inside trim off the top and bottom (the bottom piece was already hanging half off, which is what prompted me to do this project.) Here is my little helper checking it out.
Then I forgot to take a picture of how I used a box cutter to remove the ugly plastic outer cover. I cut the seams and traced the old piece on to my fabric.
I cut out the pieces and pinned them right sides together.
Then I slipped the cover over the lamp shade and used mini binder clips to secure it in place.

I clipped around the bottom then top pulling fabric tight. I was glad I checked before I sewed because I ended up re-pinning my seams, looser on the bottom & tighter on the top.
When I was happy with how the shade fit, I removed the clips from around the top and bottom of the shade and stitched the seams.

I turned the cover right side out & clipped it back on to the shade.

Then I snipped the fabric to fit around the little divider things.

I hot glued around the bottom of the shade pulling the fabric tight.

Press firmly to secure.

Next I trimmed away excess fabric and reattached the trim .Same thing for the top.
(Here my sweet baby is returning the clip she just pulled off the bottom of the shade.)

Ta-da! I love it!
Much better right?

I originally thought to spray paint the base white, but I really think I like it black.

A dress for my Sweet Baby.

I love her. She is pretty darn cute and sweet. And she's hilarious. Just a little less so at 4am.

So I finally finished her dress this morning. It only took me 2 weeks! I started it after I finished my Miss Mina's dress 'cause it turned out so good and I couldn't wait to make another. And then it got a ton of junk dumped on top of it and I forgot about it. Oops! But I found it last night while attempting to organized my mountain of fabric. Anyways, I finished it and I love it. I thought Mina's turned out a little short so I made Caet's a little longer than the pattern.
Okay a lot longer. Caet's yellow dress is a 1-2 and Mina's pink dress is a 5-6.
I ♥ this fabric.


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