Thursday, April 2, 2009

14 weeks and an organized tea party

14 weeks today. Baby is the size of my fist, and I have big hands. Lol. Everything is good though. 19 days until our ultrasound. Not that we're counting or anything.Mind you this picture was taken after dinner.

Mina and I took a walk this morning. It was nice. She was being very sweet this morning. She kept giving me hugs while we were cleaning. Oh, so I've good like completely crazy cleaning. Last night I picked up a laundry basket of Mina's toys in our bedroom and a basket of recycling. Okay so I'm not the best housekeeper but there are just a million things I'd rather do than pick-up after everyone. So today I went to Target and bought a toy shelf for all of her stuff. (I almost ordered it from because they said it wasn't available in stores. Lairs! Luckily I was talking to my Grandma Kay, who used to work at Target, and she saved the day and saved me $28. Thanks Grams!)I got one that she can reach easily and I'm going to put pictures on the outside of the bins so she can see where her toys need to go when they get put away. Already our living room is A LOT less cluttered. Yay me. So far she likes to take out her toys but we are still having problems putting them back. I'll give it a couple days.

So while I was making dinner Mina wanted me to have a tea party with her. Since I was busy I sent Rabby, Bear and Lion in my place. She was probably more excited to have tea with them then so would have been if I had had time for tea.
We had super yummy homemade pizza for dinner. I was totally inspired by Elena's pizza the other day. I made a chicken, bacon, green onion, and artichoke heart with a ranch cream sauce and pepperoni, salami and bacon. They were delish!
Tim was serenading me with Jimi's "Hear my train comin'" while I was downloading pics and starting this blog post. Mina decided to be a little naked koala and cling to his back.
Have a great night (or day) everyone! XO

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  1. Your pizzas look amazing! I'm so hungry right now! Love the toy organizing bin, I might have to get one of those myself! Lookin' good, prego! See you soon :)



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