Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Helper

Yesterday we walked to Sakata twice. Once before lunch and once when Tim got off work. The first time Mina rode in the stroller and the second time she walked almost the whole way. These pics are from the second time. We took the jogging path and Mina played on all the exercise stations. She had a ball and is a little monkey.

Mina is going to make an excellent big sister. She has been practicing with her baby doll.
Last night Tim set up the crib and we rearranged Mina's room. She is going to be getting a twin size bed soon so we are trying to get all set up from that and get her use to the idea of sharing her room. She seems excited about the baby. She wants her to sleep in her room.


  1. I just love the pic of Mina giving her baby a bed. THe room set up looks nice. I can't believe it's just a few more months before Baby Clower arrives! Looks like you guys are starting to get all ready.

  2. 109 days to go. well 109 til the due date.
    i'm getting antsy already. Pretty much they only good thing about being preggo for me right now is watching Tim and Mina's faces when baby kicks their hands. That's priceless.



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