Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty PJs!

I did it! I finally finished a project!
So I really wanted to make all these cute things found on Girl. Inspired.
but I never finish anything I start. I started Mina's quilt before her second birthday, Friday she turns three and the quilt is still waiting for it's binding.
So I decided I would make something to give to my niece for her birthday. Her party was Saturday. Of course I decide this Friday evening. I was sewing frantically at the beginning of the party but they were finished way before gift time rolled around. Well three out of four pieces. But close enough. So anyways, I choose these little cuties for my oh so cute niece, G.
They were so easy and turn out great. This whole project took me less than two hours. That's including shopping.
Ta-Da! Super cute right?
Pining the lace in place

I love the tulle!


The second pair because she is such a cutie.
I just still owe G the bottoms.
Ironed on

Still need to trim the loose threads and sew around the edges.

"G" Shirt

Finished "G" Shirt

& now I'm dying to make a pair of each for my girls.


  1. Thanks for the darling, thoughtful jammies. Gabriela is wearing them right this very moment and looking like a princess in her sleep. Can't wait for next weekend!

  2. I hope you took a picture! I can't wait to see you guys again.



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