Friday, October 15, 2010

Ooo! It's almost Halloween!

I have almost finished the girls costumes. I need Mina to try on her dress so I can finsh the velcro and button and I need Joann's to get some more red lace trim for Caet's bloomers.
As soon as I finish their costumes I'll have time to work on mine and the hubby's.

I ♥ eyelet.
White Rabbit's top, ruffles and ribbons =]
Cute little rabbit ear hat from Girl. Inspired.
Lacy ruffle butt bloomers! I love love love these so much!
Not a very good model. She kept lying down during our shoot. Very unprofessional. ;)

Random bits...

This is Mina and the picture she drew of her baby brother. Named Cookie. He has hair, a belly button and a blanket.
Chillin' at the playground. It was 92 degrees and the slides were cheek burnin' hot.
My little monkey. She climbs on everything now. Today I caught her on the kitchen table. Twice.


  1. Love the updates!! And AWESOME job on the costumes! They're so fabulous. Can't wait to see pics of the girls in them... they're going to look spooktacular.

  2. LOVE! You're so creative I'm totally jealous :)



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