Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting in the Groove

Life is full right now. There have been yard sale walks, park walks, sprinkler playtime, MTMs, baking and slow unpacking. Then there are the dozens of projects we've started.

Current project: The Backyard
1. Rip out ugly plant.
This thing was spider and snail central. Hubby also found a salamander who was making his home in the leaves. We relocated him to under the apple tree but he seems to have found new digs for himself.
Thanks Honey.
2. Keep these two little "helpers" out of the way.
Hence the creation of the ribbon tree rest area. 
 3. Get stuff done now that "helpers" are busy.
4. Move tons of rock while cursing the people who decided to put them here and then proceeded to dump dirt on top of them, remove a dead tree stump (also while cursing) and plant a beautiful blue hydrangea.
 My hubby's thank you gift to me for moving all the rocks. Beautiful.
He promised me two but Osh only had one left. Boo.

5. Make curtains for the girls' room. (Sorry for the worst picture ever)

6. Get inspired to whip up a dress for the baby girl. Do it in 40 minutes, stuff her in it and hop in the car headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she refuses to let me get a good picture.

7. Realize how much I miss sewing, stumble across this, 

geek out and start making a Jo-Ann's list.
Life is chaotic and I love it.  

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