Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've been busy

Not that you would know since I haven't updated the blog in a while. Mostly because I'm working on projects, sleeping or researching more projects to start. Plus last Friday was my birthday & we took a fun little overnight trip to San Francisco. I decided I wanted to go to the California Academy of Science. I also decided I wanted a mini break from the girls to spent some time alone with my hubby so I invited Grandma along. I'm kinda a genius like that.

Our favorite part is the 4 story indoor living rainforest but man is it hot & humid in there. Hence my fabulous hair in these pics.

Thanks Grandma for joining in the fun! And carrying that heavy little girl.
So I lost my sewing mojo for about a month and it really just started to re-emerge this afternoon. I finally got some of my little cousin's Christmas present finished. Her American Girl doll is in need of a new wardrobe. & a sleeping bag. I made a t-shirt, layered skirt, casual dress and a party dress (not pictured) so far. I'm still planning on making a nightgown & panties, a pea coat, a corduroy jumper and a pair of fleece pants. We will see how much really gets done. I have the jumper cut and the fabric for the nightgown sitting out but the pea coat & pants might have to wait.
 We've also done a little bit of holiday baking. We have to test out all of the recipes before we make a double batch and pass them out. Luckily I have 2 very reliable tasters.
We haven't really been keeping up with MTMs but every once in a while I'll throw together a little something for the girls. I call this one "Let's dip everything in peanut butter & sprinkles." Even the celery was dipped and nibbled.
I've also rearranged my house, built a compost bin, decorated our Christmas tree, organized the garage, built a shelf, refinished a dresser for Mina, made advent trees for the girls, cleaned out the girls' clothes, chopped down a loquat tree (mostly, the hubby took out the stump and roots today), trimmed the out of control fig tree, raked a ton of leaves, made mini chalkboard "invitations" for my tree killing kiddos, made orange vinegar for cleaning, made my own hand soap, deodorant & laundry detergent and starting growing a new little celery plant from the root(?) of the store bought one.(Yes, I'm going super green & I love it!) And I haven't had time to photograph any of those things.

And since I've been so busy, I've been sore lately. So I treated myself to a pepperminty soak & a couple pages of Raising Chickens the other day.
It was so relaxing.
For about 5 minutes, until Mina found me. Next time I'll remember to lock the bathroom door.

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  1. Hi Kristie,

    You have been doing SO much! And your preggie belly is so cute. Love the doll clothes and sleeping bag. I wanted to do doll clothes this year, but I ended up buying them because I just didn't have time - I'm jealous. Been thinking about you...if you send me your mailing address, I'll send you some of these dolls and clothes so you can make them up for the girls, either in quiet books or just to play with, if you want.

    Wishing you and your cute family the merriest Christmas and Happy belated Birthday, too!!



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