Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it time yet?

I don't think I can take being pregnant much longer. Today was a day I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Flu like symptoms for me, the defiant 2 year old is extra defiant, a headache that makes it hard to remember my own name, the husband and his lack of compassion. The worst part is I just had a long conversation with him last night about how I need a little extra help getting everything ready for Baby because I feel crappy and stressed! Which he interpreted as "lay on the couch on watch 4 episodes of Breaking Bad." I had to nag him to brush the girls' teeth. When he finally did, we discovered Caeti has a cavity on the front of her left incisor. Then I have to nag him to find the dental plan card so I can make an appointment to get it taken care of, we fight over whether she needs to go to a pediatric dentist or if the dentist we use to go is good enough. I give up and call the regular dentist. I must nag him to pause his stupid show to go read to the girls like he promised. Okay I'm done venting.

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