Sunday, November 25, 2012

A bit of this & that

Lately there's been a lot of this
Babywearing & coffee
Toddler-wearing & cleaning
Kindergartener-wearing & football watching
Sleepy babywearing
Cranky babywearing & walking
And quite a bit of 
Chickens taking over my back patio
Egg collecting

And some
Sea scallops sauteed in turmeric, cayenne & coconut oil

Finishing a small quilt for my niece
Crocheted owl hat for my cousin's little girl
Crocheted Monkey hat for the hubby's cousin's little girl

 And a little bit of this
Apple the Pocket Pixie

& not nearly enough of this!
Sleeping somewhere other than on me


  1. Love it! Such a fun, crazy life! I love that rainbow wrap, so much better than the black one I had. My girls called it a "wrapper" 'cause I'd always say, hang on, I've got to wrap her. Do you think crocheting is better than knitting - I can't decide which to learn?

    1. "Wrapper," hilarious! I'm kind of addicted to babywearing. I have 4 different type of carriers. I don't know how to knit, it's something I've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to yet. I like crocheting, I love making hats. I can usually sit down and finish a hat in 2-3 hours. Which reminds me I still have the hats I made your girls for (after) Christmas last year. I suck. I really need to get those to you.



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