Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 11)

My Girsaol Natural Mamas wrap! I had to wait over 5 months to get my hands on this beauty!
Tandemwearing in 2 WCRS.
Blue eyed, grumpy face baby.
Today is the official first day of spring! And the flowers are back for this one to pick.

Morning snuggles with my happy boy.
If you're happy and you know it, link up at Crazy Adventures in Parenting!


  1. Hey! It's nice to read some of these recent posts! You've got a lot of happy there in those sweet faces!!!

  2. Nice! I am loving the wraps! So beautiful. Those beauties would make me very very happy too!

    The grumpy face is so cute though, isn't it? So sweet!



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