Friday, September 13, 2013

My baby has a fluffy butt

So I have an addiction. To fluff. That's right I LOVE fluffy cloth diapers. I adore a little baby butt wrapped in big diaper. I want to #buyallthediapers. But my hubby would be SOOOOOO mad. So I made some fitted diapers.
(I apologize for the crappy camera phone pics but my big camera was broken by the 3 year old.)

I used the Goodness Gracious free pattern but I left off the second soaker pad because I am using 4 layers hemp for the internal soaker.
Serged pirate booty take 1. I'm going to go ahead and call this a practice run.

The outer cotton print is Pirate Plaid Skulls and Anchors that I picked up from Wal-Mart's remanent bin. The inside is brown minky from JoAnn Fabrics. The hook & loop is also from JoAnn.
 Based on the sizing guide for the pattern I decided to make a large (23-33#) since my son is almost 24#.
It did not fit. It kept falling down his little booty when he tried to run away in it!
Here is my 37# almost 4 year old modeling the size large.
 So after learning that my skinny boy is not a large I made this Avengers print (fabric from JoAnn Fabrics but it is now discontinued) in a medium. I also decided to try the turn and top stitch method and added a flannel layer in the middle which I attached the soaker too. The diaper feels a lot "sturdier" this way.
I haven't added any fasteners yet because I prefer snaps but don't have a pair of snap pliers. Yet.
W wants the diaper.

I used a grey micro fleece (from Hancock Fabrics) as the inner most layer to help wick away moisture and was photobombed by a baby.
Avengers fitted with an Avengers tee. I DIE!
 Lastly I made another pirate booty in a medium (with an extra flannel layer) and did a much better job serging.

I had to include this shot of my silly boy flossing.
As for absorbency, they are pretty good. Nap time but not overnight worthy. We did nap time in the Avengers and tried overnight in the medium pirate booty but had to do a change after 6 hours. They also take a while to dry.

I'm so happy with how they've turned out and can't wait to make more! I already have a Spider-Man cutout and waiting for me. I can't wait to share how it turns out!

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