Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happiness is...(Week 19, 2014)

It's been about a month since I've participated in #happinessis, finding the happy hasn't been easy lately.
 On April 26th my beautiful sister-in-law gave birth to a perfect but stillborn little girl, Simone.
I dreamed about this tattoo the morning after we said goodbye and on Mother's Day my sister & her boyfriend who is tattoo artist surprised me by bringing his gear over to dinner. I'm proud to be able to carry a little reminder of my precious niece with me forever.

On April 29th, my other lovely sister-in-law gave birth to a sweet little boy, Isaac.
Don't you love the onesie? I totally agree with it. ;) 
It is a hand-me-down from Weston & my other nephew Easton.
 Monday was my new friend's birthday and our kids picked her giant dandelion bouquets.
 I love making our own play dough & seeing the fun creations.
 May 11-17 is Dirty Diaper Laundry's 4th Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge.
This is the 3rd year we have participated.

Here is my 6 year old handwashing her doll's diapers with me last night. She said,"I'm just like mommy!"
Cue heart melt.

I'm linking up at CAiP!

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