Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So I'm finally updating. Time just runs away from me sometimes.
We had a fantastic Halloween. It was Paige's b-day so we went to her party. Mina and Paige had such a good time running around together. Becky and Elise planned a bunch of Halloween inspired games like, the mummy wrap and pumpkin decorating. They also had a three legged race. Mina and Tim raced together. Tim is such a cheater he was carrying Mina, which I suppose is better than dragging her. Elise made the fancy birthday cake I'd ever seen. It was a pink princess castle. Very neat. Mina was enamored with it. After Paige's party we went to Greg and Maria's so Mina could take a nap. While the girls were sleeping we played Scrabble. Then we went trick-or-treating around my aunt's neighborhood.Getting into trouble together

Mummy Mina
Sneaking cake
Polar Bear CaetlinMy little Mina Mouse

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