Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting stuff done. Sort of.

I folded some laundry, watered some baby plants and picked up a crap load of toys. Now it's ME TIME! I got a sewing machine the other day and I am super psyched to use it. And I know exactly what my first project will be. I was inspired by Michelle from Muffin Tin Mom. She posted about her Laundry Intervention. I too have problems with the washer and/or dryer eating socks. So I went to the dollar store and got a mesh laundry bag. Problem is that the only size they had 24"x 36". I don't plan on washing everyone in town socks so I'm going to cutt that baby down and get 2 bags. So now I'll have an extra bag for the times when I just don't feel like folding a mountain of laundry and digging the first out from the bottom middle of the pile. (Cause that's where whatever you need always is.) I will post pics as soon as I'm done.


  1. i love sewing! also. i don't do the laundry.

    ps. wait. no one else noticed the change? dude. i am so on the ball! that's what she said.

  2. I am so happy for you, I know you will enjoy your new sewing machine.



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