Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am a terrible updater. and i super sad cause updating is part of my resolutions. basically i fail. at life.

that being said, i do have an excuse for this weekend. the week not so much. but this weekend i started my new job. and by 'new job' i mean a different job at the same place i used to work at. three years ago. (i've been unemployed for a long time.) anyways, i'm the new weekend call center girl. or i will be once i'm trained. and their are two really awesome things about my job. one, it's only on the weekends which means i don't need a babysitter cause Daddy's home! and two, my boss is awesome and we shop and hang out and eat delish food together. (she totally hooked me up with this position but i nailed the interview all by myself. boo ya.) so yeah if you call Gilroy Gardens
on a weekend you just might get to talk to me. lucky ducky.

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