Sunday, April 11, 2010

sushi is best eaten with your loving family. & TONS of wasabi.

Lunch Saturday was amazing. Almost all my hubby's siblings when out to Hanami with us. His dad, his brother in Gilroy, his sister from DC, her hubby and baby, the sis from Boston, the sister in Gilroy, her BF and their son and my family of four.
I think some people might still be full. We (and I mean my hubby) went a little crazy. Our poor server was like "two more and then that's everything....(bringing out two rolls) Oh no I forget about rainbow roll, jalapeno roll and ahi. Three more and then that's all...(brings out four trays.) Now that's all really." Don't worry we tipped well. I think we ended up with 30 orders. They probably ran out of fish filling our order. Possibly rice too. And my DC BIL had a ton of wasabi on his plate so they are probably running low on that too. But let me tell you in was amazing. I'm drooling on the key board just remembering it. Here's a pic so you can drool too.


  1. i love sushi. dude. you could have taken a pic of the rainbow roll and used it for today's mtm. i know. i'm genius.

  2. The things you miss from the other end of the table. I had no idea Mina was demonstrating such amazing chopstick skillz! Thanks for posting this awesome video!



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