Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look at our cute Bentos!

It's a me and mom Bento day!
She has apple carrot fruit crusher, organic baby carrots, nitrate free roast beef roll up on whole wheat lavash, Craisins, mini homemade whole wheat cranberry scone & Annie's Homegrown bunny fruit snacks.
Mine was bunny fruit snack, TJ's Lemon Butter & scone, lavash roll up, porcupine style meatballs and organic baby carrots.

My bento is Italian sausage and homemade pesto over organic whole wheat linguine, organic baby carrots, dark chocolate covered cherries and honey sesame cashews and organic apple slices.
Mini-me's bento has organic apple slices, chocolate covered sunflower seeds and dark chocolate covered cherries, string cheese, Annie's Homegrown white cheddar bunny crackers, organic baby carrots and organic grape tomatoes.

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