Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day weekend with Grandpa

These are my grrrrr lips

My dad drove down from way north California on Saturday. Mina was so excited she asked me several time a day for the 3 days before he got here was Grandpa coming today? I was at work on Saturday when he got into town so he visited at girls at my in-laws. After work we had dinner there and then went back to our apartment to hang out & catch up. Sunday morning I had to work 5 hours then we went into the park and turned Mina loose. It was fairly busy with the holiday weekend so we didn't ride all that many rides. After Gilroy Gardens we went to the best sushi place, Hanami, for dinner. We were too busy eating to take any pictures. On Monday we just hung out at our place again until my dad had too leave.

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