Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

I'm not really one to set New Years resolutions. But seeing everyone else's has kind of made me stop and think about myself. And here's what I figured out.

1. I like little birdies. A lot. Not real ones, well I do, but I'm talking decoration and inspiration for my home.
2. I hate my apartment. It is seriously small like not quite 900 sq. feet.
3. No one takes me seriously, not even me.
4. I doubt myself too much.
5. In the interest of keeping peace I give into stupid ridiculous ideas I know are going to fail.
6. My husband and I make fairly good friends but that's all.
7. I am depressed. (That's probably why I hate sunshine and people.)
8. I don't care about half the stuff I pretend to.
9. I didn't enjoy or remember most of 2010.

So in the interest of actually living and not just going through the motions I'm going to stop censoring myself. I'll try to be polite but I'm not going to fake my life anymore.

And I deserve an Emmy. Because I'm fairly sure no one knew any of this before right now. Well maybe the part about me loving birds and hating my apartment but the rest is new.

SO here they are my resolutions.
1. Make my apartment function better for me so I hate it less.
(This means more projects and less CRAP!)
2.Try to enjoy my kids. I rarely play with them because I have so many chores to do by the time I have time to play I'm tired and want to relax.
3. I'm going craft more.
4. I'm going to try not to hate my husband's face. (Which is just code for not staying mad at him)

So Happy (belated) New Year. And let the fun begin.

I'm going to end with a new project.

My new throw pillow.
Inspired by Suzanne of Just Another Hang Up.

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  1. I think you're amazing, and I definitely take you seriously. I love birdies too! And I know I say it a lot but I wish you guys lived closer so we could hang. If/when you guys come to Sac we should get coffee.



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