Thursday, November 17, 2011

Update- in picture form, with a few words,

I'm exhausted today. And for once not because I'm growing a baby. Today I removed 2 eye sores someone considered "shelves." There were so many "WTF were you people thinking?" moments. I'm pretty sure half of their project budget was spent on nails. They wanted these things to be permanent. Too bad for them I'm super awesome at demolition.
Before I took my hammer & pry bar to the shelves

After. Soooo much better.
 It was hard work but worth it. I spent about 1 1/2 hours tearing them out & 40 minutes cleaning up.
My other project recently has been working on the backyard. This is a shot of the back when we were in escrow.
After we bought the house and removed what felt like 2 tons of river rock, a stump & tried (unsucessfully) to plant some hydrangea.
 This is it today. The broken up sidewalk path had to go. The edges of the chunks were uneven and the girls were constantly tripping over them. I got really pissed at it after Caetlin busted her face on it twice in an hour and started digging up chunks as soon as she stopped crying the second time.

We are going to put in a brick walkway like this one.


 Speaking of Caetlin, she has decided she is going to start dressing herself.
Some days are better than others.
Let's call this day "epic failure" shall we?

And I've learned how to crochet! I had to make myself a little something to wear on Sundays. Go Niners!
 And a little something for my cousin's baby.
 We had a fun Halloween.(Wow, I'm behind.) Did I mention lately that I'm kinda awesome?
 My little Ponyo.
 And Miss Strawberry Shortcake.

Also I've been trying to keep the house looking like this.

 But more often than not, it's like this. Just keepin' it real.

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