Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My turn at his work shirt to her school dress

I made each of the girls a new dress this morning from some of their Papa's old dress shirts. Stef, of Girl. Inspired., posted her mini tutorial a while ago and I LOVED it! But my hubby doesn't wear dress shirts & I wasn't going to sacrifice any of the (very) few he had so I thought my girls would just have to live without these cute dresses. And then yesterday my MIL offered these shirts to me.  I knew exactly how I was going to use them the second I saw them!
Ta-da! The girls call these their "Papa" dresses. I opted for long sleeves since the weather is supposed to be getting cooler but otherwise followed Stef's directions.

Some of the worst modelling ever.

 Thanks for the great idea Stef!


  1. Your cute girls' modeling cracks me up. Like they were in the middle of a big pillow fight and had to stop to take a picture. Job well done regardless!! I'm so glad you tried the project. I have a few more dress shirts to do up, but I don't have the time!!

    Sounds like you've been working like crazy on Christmas presents. I'm so jealous!! Where are you going to go on vacation?

    Also, you should change your settings so that your email shows up when you leave a comment. I always hit reply to your messages, but then it has no-reply-commenter. :)

  2. These are absolutely adorable!! I love the idea of keeping the sleeves long for the colder weather:)

  3. These are so cute! I love how you left the sleeves long, too. :) Great job!!!



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