Monday, March 2, 2009

Chilling at Nana and Papa's

Sunday we spent the day in Gilroy. Andrew was dressed up as a "robot" when we got there. Tim finished the water for the new garden bed and I helped a little. Uncle Lalo painted the back doors. Papa mowed. Theresa was busy tending to the berry bushes. Nana worked in the garden weeding and planting. While Mina and Andrew hung out with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Adraid.

While we were getting everything ready for dinner Mina found Auntie Theresa's boots. There are thigh highs on her. It was so funny to watch her shuffling around. I got a nice shot of her falling in them. After dinner Mina was so tired she fell asleep at the table waiting for Andrew to finish his dinner."Robot" Motorcross Andrew
Sleepy girl

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