Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Visit with Grandma Kay

Last Wednesday Tim went to a seminar at UC Davis on seed biology. (He had a good time and learned a lot.) But it was an overnight trip and Mina and I didn't want to be home all alone so we packed up and when to visit my grandma in Visalia.

Mina had a blast! As soon as we got there my grandma took her to see the horses and then shower Mina with gifts. She got Mina a little tunnel and Mina wasted no time showing us how to use it. For dinner we went to Tahoe Joe's and met my Aunt Diane. Mina kept leaning over into the booth next to us and talking to other people. Luckily they didn't mind. For dessert we got a fudge ski cake which was huge and delicious. Mina probably ate the most out of everyone.

On Thursday we went to the Target my grandma used to work at and met some of her friend. Then she bought Mina half of the store. Just kidding. Mina got 3 cute tops, a pair of shorts, 2 my little ponies, a dora ball and bubbles. Mina also tried to get herself some new pjs by sneaking them into the cart but she got caught. We went to a nice park which is not directly behind Toys'R'Us like I was led to believe but eventually we made it there. All and all it was a really great trip and we can't wait to do it again.

Helping feed the horses

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