Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mina's Birthday Dinner

In honor of Mina's birthday Nana and Auntie Theresa made Mina's special birthday dinner request. Tamales! And they were delicious. After dinner we had some yummy chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mina and Andrew helped decorate it with sprinkles. We finished up the night with birthday presents. Mina got some pretty cool stuff. Nana and Papa got her a really cute growth chart. Auntie Theresa, Uncle Bob and Andrew got her a rainbow Dora dress and a piggy bank. Auntie Cynthia got Mina a pair of cute Dora shoes (which she immediately wanted to wear) and a Dora baseball glove. And Mommy and Daddy got her the very best present! A toothbrush! She was seriously more interested in the toothbrush than anything else! We also got her a really cute ballerina outfit. She is wearing in to bed tonight.

We had a wonderful time and wish that we could have shared in with everyone. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts, birthday wishes and love. Xoxoxo
Eating birthday tamales with Auntie Theresa
Her birthday banner (Mrs. Elena Crafty-Pants was my inspiration)
Blowing out her candle (the second time)
A toothbrush! Check out how she is completely ignoring the ballerina outfit.

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