Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Fourth of July celebration

Pop-Its with Grammy
Swimming with Kayleigh and Keegan

We had an awesome time up in Sacramento. My mom was happy to see Mina again. And Mina had a ball with everyone. We had such a great drive up there. It took only 2 hours. We left at 8.30am and Mina slept for over an hour of the trip. Too bad our drive home took 5 hours. Seriously it was the worst traffic ever. We went 25 miles in 90 minutes! Come on! The average speed was 23 miles an hour. And that's when we weren't just sitting there.

Anyways, enough about traffic. Mina had a great day swimming and playing in the yard with her Auntie Kayleigh and Uncle Keegan. Uncle Kyle even came out of his room to visit with us for a while. Mina was very "helpful" in Grammy's garden and ate like 3 peaches and handfuls of rasberries.
This was the first year Mina had seen fireworks. She loved it. She kept ohhing and awwing. And saying "I sawed it. Pretty! I sound (hear) it." And she also learned "More Sunny! Purple Rain!" asking my stepdad for more of one particular firework. It was really fun. I just wish it got darker sooner. We were definitely ready to go to bed went the show was over.

Hope everyone else had a great Fouth also.

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