Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caetlin's 2 week check up

Little Miss Caetlin now weighs 8lbs. 7oz. & is 21 inches long.
The Dr. says everything looks good and she is right where she is supposed to be development wise.
She is starting to smile, which is so super cute.
This morning for breakfast I made some yummy cranberry apple pancakes with a cinnamon caramel syrup and bacon & eggs. And then Tim, being the wonderful husband that he is, cleaned the kitchen up. We are planning to have a semi relaxing day. We are going to go shopping at Kohl's, take Mina to Chuck E. Cheese for a little while (extra emphasis on the little part) and spend the rest of the day in Gilroy making chile verde and playing Scrabble. Greg's tried to put down Quwell last time we played. Let's see if he can top that today. =]
My sweet girlies cuddling on the sofa this morning

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