Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our not so lazy Saturday morning

Last night Tim & I planned on having a nice lazy morning before heading to Gilroy to work in the garden. I guess the girls never got the memo. We had a cranky Miss Mina rolling around on our floor asking for chocolate milk & fruit snacks at 7:45. We convinced her eggs, bacon & whole wheat apple pancakes with a cinnamon caramel sauce would be much yummier than fruit snacks. So we had a delicious breakfast. Mina helped make the pancakes. And than she devoured almost all of her food. Caetlin took a nap while we ate and woke up just in time to catch a little sun through the kitchen window. And make a huge messy diaper. Thank goodness Mina is such a good helper and ran to get wipes, a diaper & an alcohol pad for Caetlin's belly button.

"I like being a big sister"

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