Monday, December 21, 2009

Kitchen Fun

We had a super awesome day. Caet woke up with the biggest smile on her face which put me in a sunshine-y mood. I decided to wake Mina up so maybe she would take a nap today. We ate our cinnamon honey bunches of oats and V8 fruit juice, Mina's request. Then we showered and headed out to the playground. Mina has been playing with her Dora baseball and mitt a lot lately, so we played catch and rolled the ball down the slides. Then Mina started sliding down the slides on her belly, like a penguin she said. She tried to get me to slide on my belly too but Caet was sleeping in the Moby. We decided it wouldn't be too fun to have a pancake for a sister. So mommy went on her bottom instead.
We played outside for almost an hour but then we had to go in to make lunch for daddy. We made tuna noodle casserole. Mina was an excellent helper and put all the onion and celery into a bowl for me. And she sampled the cheese for me too. =] After lunch we made some cookies. Caet helped too. We made ginger crinkles, mint chocolate crinkles and chocolate walnut biscotti. After we made the dough Mina asked to watch Toy Story 2. So she watched the movie and Caet napped while I baked the cookies. After the movie, Mina took a nap. Thank goodness cause she's been driving me nuts lately.

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