Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas Eve an Maria's opening gifts. It sucked a little because we had to wait for Theresa to get off work at 8pm, and Mina was crazy tired at 6:30 and acting psycho. But luckily she chilled out while opening gifts. After all the gift opening, Tim & I took the girls to look at Christmas lights. Mina LOVES them. She freaks out every time she sees some. "LOOK MOMMY! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! IT'S A REINDEER!!!!!" Hilarious.
We had Christmas morning at home and then piled into the car to go spend the rest of Christmas with my Dad's side of the family in Visalia. My Grandma, Dad, Aunt Diane, Uncle Mike, Uncle Lawrence, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Ed, Sue, cousins Jen & Sam, their honeys Dan & Marc, brother Kyle, sister Kelsey and her roommate Masha were all there. Mina got soooooooooooo many presents. And Caet got so much clothes I don't know why I packed anything for her. She only wore 2 of the 5 outfits that I packed. And none of the jammies but oh well.

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