Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain, rain don't go away, just stay out of the 6 foot circle around me!

It is pouring rain. I hate the rain. I hate when my hair gets wet. When it's wet it gets super frizzy and tangle-y. But I'm kinda glad because we so desperately need this rain here in CA. Blah. At least it cleared up for 45 minutes this afternoon so the girls and I could go for a quick walk around the apartments. I don't know about other people's kids but mine go crazy stuck inside. So we also went to the library and had a playdate at our best friend's place. It made the day so much more manageable. Then for dinner we went to the in-laws. After dinner we stopped by my Aunt's house so Mina could play with her two girls. Hopefully it won't rain all day tomorrow and we can squeeze in a walk to Daddy's work. That would be great. I have been slacking on the exercise lately. Cloudy, gray days make me lazy. Plus, it is next to impossible to walk with a toddler & infant in the rain. I suppose I do have a jump rope and I just got a resistance band today (thanks Auntie!) so I could work out indoors. I'd just have to dig out my living room floor. Ugh. That requires Herculean effort. Which maybe I could count that as a workout. =] Why do my kids have so many toys? And why did I buy half of them even though they didn't need them? I must be insane.
We stopped at the swings on our walk during the break in the rain

Mina found the cutest Dora umbrella at the Goodwill today for $2.99.
It didn't stay open on it's own but a rubber band fixed that problem.

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  1. Dinner at the in-laws was pretty good. I prefer hearing/reading dinner at Nana & Papa's.



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