Monday, January 25, 2010

Feed Me Seymore!

Caet just finished eating her first ever bowl of rice cereal. She was chowing it down. I wasn't planning on starting solid until six months but she just watches me so intently while I eat. I kinda felt bad about eating in front of her. So today I held a spoon to her lips to see what she'd do. She opened her little mouth and attacked the spoon. Then I gave her a little sip of water. She totally sucked it down and wanted more. So from now on Caeti will be having dinner with us.


  1. Yep, that little girl wants to join at the table. She knew something good was going on! Look out for flying food!

  2. Well she is a Clower, yeah she wants to eat.

  3. I hope not! Mina never threw food. If CAet does she will not be having dinner with us. Or at all. That's just something I will not tolerate.

  4. What a cutie. She can be proud to join the family at meal time. :)



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