Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just feel like updating.

These pics were taken 2 years apart almost to the day.
Yes those are the same sweaters. Mine and theirs.

Today was a good day and a horrible day. I walked 1.5 miles with my fitnessfriend and our kids, jogged a mile on her treadmill whilst gossiping about our hubbies. Made dinner and lunch at the same time. Declared it officially summer because I ate an artichoke for lunch. Cleaned the kitchen AND the floor. Babysat fitnessfriend's 2 kiddos(3 & 6) for 3.5 hours. Made cookies with ALL the kids. Acquired another child so her tired (PREGNANT!) momma could put away groceries and make dinner. Sent fitnessfriend's kids home to her hubby. Fed Mina, fed Caetlin. Stopped a Mina meltdown and took acquired child home. Bathed babies. Threw duvet, duvet cover and blanket in the wash. (Mina peed in my bed last night. Luckily on daddy's side. hehehe) Read 5 bedtime stories. Put babies to bed. Was bitten by a rabid 2 year old. Put said 2 year old on time-out and then sent her (back) to bed. PEACE & QUIET! Read everyone's blogs. Typed this. Yeah, I'm tired. I'm just waiting for the hubby to get home from school so we can talk. Yep. Ummmm. Yeah.

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