Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Months Old

So little Miss Caetlin is growing up so fast. It's amazing to see her doing big girl things. Like standing. Yep. She stands all by herself. It kind of hilarious because she's so itty bitty. She is getting pretty good at eating too. She feeds herself which is so convenient for me. This morning, she took a step. One little itty bitty baby step but a step is a step! I'm so excited! & terrified.

She can also say Dada, drink through a straw, sign milk - but she kind of signs it for a drink in general. She loves her big sister and follows her around. When she's cranky I just ask Mina to laugh at her and Caet just starts smiling and bouncing. She is also a big fan of crawling outside as soon as the door opens.
She has 2 bottom teeth and a top tooth about to come through.

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