Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiration- Day 2

Here's my little list of things I wanted to accomplish today.

fold & put away laundry [check]
tidy my room [check]
Get too small & out of season clothes boxed up [I added to the pile]
finish Gabriela's Christmas present. [I worked on it but ran out of patience]
start the girls' fall dresses
make turkey cupcakes with the girls [check]

Not bad for Day One.

I also made caramel popcorn. Which is almost gone it is so good. Thank you Stef of Girl. Inspired. for sharing the recipe.

I also went for a walk, went shopping, gave myself a pedicure and the girls manicures, swept my kitchen, stayed on top of the dishes, vacuumed and THREW AWAY ALL THE MATCHLESS SOCKS!

Tomorrow's list is
1. make 2 pumpkin pies
2. separate and bag too small/out of season clothes

1. finish Mina's car seat cover
2.organize spice cabinet

1. finish Gabriela's gift
2. go to the library

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