Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A dress for my Sweet Baby.

I love her. She is pretty darn cute and sweet. And she's hilarious. Just a little less so at 4am.

So I finally finished her dress this morning. It only took me 2 weeks! I started it after I finished my Miss Mina's dress 'cause it turned out so good and I couldn't wait to make another. And then it got a ton of junk dumped on top of it and I forgot about it. Oops! But I found it last night while attempting to organized my mountain of fabric. Anyways, I finished it and I love it. I thought Mina's turned out a little short so I made Caet's a little longer than the pattern.
Okay a lot longer. Caet's yellow dress is a 1-2 and Mina's pink dress is a 5-6.
I ♥ this fabric.

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