Friday, July 8, 2011

Peek-a-boo skirt tutorial

Because Stef asked for it. ^-^
fabric for overskirt- Width= your kid's waist measurement x 2, Length=measure from hip to knee
fabric for underskirt- Width= same as overskirt, Length= 3 inches longer than overskirt
ribbon casing- Width= 2 inches, Length= same as overskirt
ribbon-2 pieces, 2 inches long than length of overskirt
1/2 inch wide elastic- 1 inch smaller than waist measurement
1) Serge or zig zag both long sides and one short of the ribbon casing.
 2)Iron, pin and sew a 1/2 inch rolled hem for both under and overskirt.
 3) Measure 4 inches over from the middle of the overskirt, line up serged bottom of casing with hemmed edge and pin.
 4)Sew from top to bottom (or bottom to top) 1/4 inch from the edge on both sides of the casing. Trim top of casing even with overskirt. Stitch down the center of the casing. (don't worry if it's not perfectly straight but try to keep it pretty even)
 5) Feed ribbons through casing.
 6)Pin ribbons in place.
 7) Zig Zag stitch ribbons in place. (I went over it several time because I know my kiddos are rough and didn't want them pulling the ribbons out.)
 8) Fold back top edge of overskirt 1/2 inch and iron. Line up bottom edge of overskirt with the stitches of hem of the underskirt. Pin top edge of overskirt to the underskirt and top stitch in place.
 9) Your skirt should look very close to this if I don't completely suck at giving directions.
 10) Fold skirt in half width wise and line up bottom edges. Make sure both the over and under skirts are smoothed out. Pin, sew and serge. You should have an almost completed skirt.
 11)Time to make a waistband casing. Fold over top edge 1/2 inch and press. Now fold it over 3/4 inch, press, pin & sew leaving an opening to feed elastic through. Feed elastic through, zig zag elastic ends together. Stitch close opening.
                                                       Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.
 12) Put on cute little girl. Tie ribbons so overskirt is all scrunched up and adorable. Admire your work, if little model will hold still.


  1. Hi! I found this tutorial on google. I used it and made a skirt. I posted my skirt here -

  2. I love how your skirt turned out! Planning on making this for my daughter this week -- already got the material. :)

  3. I just found your blog via thegirlinspired blog, wow what a fantastic tutorial!! I absolutely love this skirt! I'm just not sure if I should venture in making one for my 4 year old or my 13month old first. hmm maybe I should make matching ones. Love love your blog, awsome.



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