Thursday, August 11, 2011

I just cleaned my shower with an orange and some kosher salt

That's right. With food. And it worked great. Even better, it smelled great! So I'm addicted to Pinterest (and spend too much time on their site) and found this idea. Now my shower will never be dirty again. (By the way I'm about 10 weeks preggo and have the super smell ability, which means the smell of comet, scrubbing bubbles and yes, bleach make me wanna vomit.) So it had been a while since I'd scrubbed the shower. Like almost 2 months.
After a test spot.
Don't judge me too harshly for the disgusting before.
No chemicals means I get a little helper.
And I have a feeling it will look even better when I clean it again next week.

 Super simple directions.
Cut orange (or lemon or grapefruit) in half
Sprinkle liberal amount of salt in tub/shower
Rub fruit in small circles, picking up fresh salt every now and again.
I scrapped out the worst of the salty-pulpy gunk but washed the rest down the drain.

having a baby


  1. oooh, I am totally trying this!!! fun, natural, safe, and yummy smelling, what more could you want!?! Thanks for sharing, preggo ;)

  2. That is pretty cool. I like that idea.

  3. I have the clearest memory of scrubbing the shower during the first trimester with all of my babies and then freaking out because the chemicals made me totally nauseated, I remember worrying if I just killed a bunch of the baby's brain cells. Wish I would've known about the orange and salt trick!! Just the idea of it makes me want to go clean my shower....almost. Cool tip. Hope the morning sickness is tapering off now!!



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