Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth

 I'm alive and the baby's kicking (not that I can feel but we saw on the ultrasound today.) It's a wiggly little thing. Our doctor was surprised at how stretched out it is. I guess most babies are curled into a ball at this point (12 weeks).
 I'm way behind on updating my blog. So here's a quick peek at what I've been up to besides growing a baby and sleeping.

Nothing fancy but the girls don't care.

 A little bit of sewing for the Miss Mina.

 And a bit for my little cousin. She just turned 5.
And a few projects around the house I haven't gotten around to photographing. Like a new toothbrush/towel rack for my bathroom, chandelier and the start of the nursery/craft room. I promise another update by Friday.

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