Friday, September 23, 2011

Homemade gdiaper inserts

I just cleaned out my fabric stash the other day and found a ton of scraps. Then a friend offered me 2 gdiapers and I knew exactly how all those fleece, terry cloth & flannel scraps were going to be used. Ta-da!

We don't know what sex we are having and I thought the hubs might say something about the girly patterns but he's smart enough to realize babies don't care what they pee on. ; ]

I made 6 inserts it took about 45 minutes while watching TV & having a 4 year old helper.
They are super simple to make. I just used the one "disposable" insert she gave me as a pattern. 2 layers of fleece or 3 layers of terry cloth sandwiched between 2 pieces of flannel, serge the edges. Done.

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