Thursday, September 29, 2011

My baby turns 2.

This girl turn 2 today.
We celebrated on Sunday with a Little Mermaid themed party.
First up the dress.
I found a super cute tutorial and super cute fabric & after that the dress came together in just a couple hours.

I saw these super cute tissue paper pom poms on Pinterest and decided I had to make them.
  Of course balloons are a must.
 And the twinkly kelp ribbon forest was a big hit, with the adults.
Photo banner of the birthday girl from birth to second birthday.
Pretty party hats, inspired by Girl. Inspired.
Homemade pinata, next time I'm doing it this way. Making it look fluffy took waaaaay too much time. Like 4-5 hours. Thank goodness for Netflix.
But she loved it, so it was worth it. This time.
 Best thing was it cost me only $5 to make and a kid broke it. Not like the last one we bought.
Yeah that's my 6 1/2 month preggo SIL going all Barry Bonds on the pinata. She's hardcore like that.
My SIL Theresa frosted the cake all fancy.
 French vanilla cake tinted shades of pink with blue whipped cream frosting.
It was delish.
Happy birthday Baby Girl. We love you.

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  1. Oh Kristie, ADORABLE! That pinata looks amazing, totally worth the fluffing time, I'd say. The cake looks like a pink dream, the puffs so cute, the hats lovely, and the dress is just so fun! Did you use a tshirt for the top of it or was it all part of the pattern. Please share. You did so much for the party, no wonder you're worn out!

    With regard to your most recent post, I'd say, skip the housework and cut yourself some slack. Try to get out of the house with the kids so that you're not so confined - mine drive me nuts when we're alone in the house for long stretches of time. My husband goes through phases where he works around the clock, too, and it is hard. Good for you for saying something. Keep saying something until you are heard. And let the housecleaning go for a bit. Your sanity and a healthy pregnancy, not to mention your darling little sweeties, are not worth the stress.




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