Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC Fall 2011: Day 1

So I decided that I'm finally going to participate in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge hosted by Meg of Elsie Marley. I've almost participated 2 times before. This time around I have so many Christmas presents to make I figured this would help kick my butt into gear. I managed to finish my girls' Christmas Eve pjs, (mostly anyways). We have a family tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve & it's always pjs, that way everyone is cute and snuggly for all the pics the next morning. They are made out of flannel I picked up from Jo-Ann's red tag rack in February.
Mina's Nightgown
Caetlin's pj pants. I need to get a long sleeved shirt to embellish still.

While I was feeling crafty I also managed to knock another few items off my Christmas list.
 Caetlin's getting  2 new skirts & 4 little fleece diapers for her Hazel baby doll .

I <3 this skirt. Scraps from the Minnie dresses I made the girls for our Disneyland trip back in March.
 A little zippered Hello Kitty bag for my youngest sister ( I plan on sticking some gift cards in it) & a Strawberry Shortcake bag for my Mina to store her lip gloss, hair ties and other beauty goodies in.
I also whipped up a whole new wardrobe for Caetlin's Ruby doll.

So far I've spent a total of $3.60 on this. I had to buy 2 6 inch zippers for the little bags. All of the fabric is from my stash and scrap box, and since I need to de-stash, (because I have a nursery under construction instead of a craft room)  it doesn't count towards the project cost. My blog, my rules ; )
And to send you off, a new & improved bump shot.
18 weeks.

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