Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 year doctor appt. and a very clean house

Tim's feeling a little bit better. He worked another half day today. He spent almost the whole time in a meeting where he gave a presentation. I'm so proud. =] And now he is getting a temp to help him out. So hopefully the temp will really like the job and will learn it quickly. Then come next summer Tim could take the fieldman/production area manager position in the San Joaquin valley. Which is what we really want to happen!

On to the fun stuff, Mina had her 2-year doctor appt. It went well. Mina is tall & thin & very advanced. Mina's new doctor is very nice and super impressed with how smart Mina is and how well she is doing with potty training. Mina didn't get any shots today but she did have to have blood drawn. =[ She was pretty good. Tim took her to do it. I went back and helped get her settled. (Mommy bough special Dora band-aids so we gave one to the lady who drew her blood.) But I can't watch! So I waited in the waiting room until I heard "You're all done!" She cried & said it "tickled" which she says when she doesn't know the right word to use to describe how she's feeling. =[ & she thanked the lady that drew her blood! It was sweet & sad. I told her she was very brave just like Dora to which she replied Yeah. And she got a Tinkerbell sticker. Then on the way out (she was still kind of half sobbing) she saw a snack cart and said she wanted something to drink. So we got a strawberry smoothie. And that fixed everything.

So I guess I'm kinda nesting. I cleaned the living room & kitchen like super duper clean. Mina & I picked up all of her toys, I vacuumed (I even did under the sofa). I did dishes, Tim swept the kitchen floor, I swept & mopped the kitchen & bathroom, cleaned the toilet, did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the splatters off the kitchen walls & ceiling, cleaned the fridge, wiped under Mina's booster (which was really gross!) & organized the hall closet.

And I made Italian sausage sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob and salad for dinner. Okay I confess, Mina made the salad. She took the stems off 8 cherry tomatoes and put them in the salad bowl and then ate them all out! We ended up with only 1 tomato in our salad. Oh well. I only like lettuce anyways. =]

Helping make salad at Nana's yesterday. Notice all the tomatoes in the bowl? =]
So here's a slightly different bump pic than normal. I was doing crunches on an exercise ball. I know I look all fun in the pic but I'm a super-mom, not a super-model.

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