Monday, February 1, 2010

Dr. Suess MTM

Drink- Pink Ink (milk, actually it was soy milk cause we ran out of regular milk, oops.)
Top- Colorful veggies and baby trees (broccoli, carrots and bell peppers.) Green eggs. And multi-colored goldfish.
Bottom- Dr. Suess' silly pasta. Left foot & right foot pb&j sandwiches.

Hooray for MTM! Am I lame because I am as easily as excited as my 2 year old?
Anyways, as I was planning lunch this morning I realized, oh crap I never made it too the store to get the multi-colored goldfish crackers. But that's okay, I'll just walk up to Wal-Mart and get some. Ummm, where's the stroller? Still in the back of the car, which my hubby took to work today. Great. Okay so I throw on the Mobywrap and tell Mina she's walking. We made it half way before she was too tired. Sure I'll give you a piggy back ride. Blah. Oh and then I had to carry her all the way home too. All for some goldfish crackers.
Trying to wink like a Yink while drinking pink ink.


  1. I love the picture with the milk and the book. Nice tin!

  2. pink ink is perfect.

    also. no. you're not lame. and i say this mainly because i was so excited with today's mtm. well. i was excited to mix food coloring into the egg whites. so. yeah.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. I love seeing the pictue with book in hand as the milk is being enjoyed!

  4. Wow! Oh, the Places You'll Go... for some multi-colored goldfish! :)

    I love the wacky pasta too.



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