Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm so bad at MTM now a days

Here are our MTMs for the last month. I suck at updating.

Pepper rings, a milk chocolate lindt truffle
apple slices and a champion grilled cheese sandwich
Cheese fish tortellini & chicken soup

cinnamon bunny crackers, cheddar bunny crackers, half a banana
cheese snowflakes, a veggie hot dog and ketchup for dipping
Our forest theme
3 grape tomatoes, cinnamon bunny crackers
a tree pb&j, whole wheat moose pasta
cheddar bunny crackers & a hard boiled bear egg

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  1. All of these look great! The moose pasta and cutouts are my favorite.

  2. Very creative!! Love the heart-shaped "tin."

  3. They look delicious, especially the truffle!



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